MSW (Master of Social Work)

The Master of Social Work (MSW) is a postgraduate programme providing professional training that leads to the professional qualification of a social worker. The course work of the programme aims to provide students with a solid conceptual framework and a theoretical foundation of social work practice. It offers a comprehensive curriculum that covers a wide range of subjects, including social welfare policies, human behavior, research methods, community development, counseling techniques, and ethical considerations. Students gain a deep understanding of social issues such as poverty, mental health, substance abuse, child welfare, aging, and social justice.

Intake - 20        Duration - 2 Years

Programme Outcomes

PO 1:
Develop a strong professional identity as a social worker, guided by the values, ethics, and principles of the social work profession.

PO 2:
Exhibit commitment to upholding ethical standards, social justice, and human rights in all aspects of social work practice.

PO 3:
Implement evidence-based interventions that empower clients, promote well-being, and address social, emotional, and economic challenges.

PO 4:
Engage with communities to identify needs, assets, and resources, and collaborate with stakeholders to develop and implement programs that enhance community well-being.

PO 5:
To sensitize the learners about the contemporary socio-economic and cultural realties through field based learning and proficiency in helping skills and effective intervention strategies.

PO 6:
Assess the impact of policies on vulnerable populations and advocate for social justice and policy reforms.

PO 7:
Pursue higher studies and research with lifelong learning and professional development skills.

Programme Specific Outcomes

PSO 1:
Engage in ongoing self-reflection and self-assessment to enhance personal growth and competence as a social worker.

PSO 2:
Provide constructive feedback, facilitate professional growth, and ensure adherence to ethical standards.

PSO 3:
Advocate for social justice, human rights, and the well-being of vulnerable and marginalized populations.