B.Com. Finance and Taxation

Bachelor of Commerce in Finance and Taxation (Model 2) is a specialized three-year undergraduate programme in the field of tax and financial management. The programme is designed to provide the students with a sound understanding of tax systems and financial principles. The major objective of the programme is to prepare students for jobs in a wide range of fields like tax related departments, financial administration, wealth management, financial planning, property valuation, portfolio management, risk management, invest banking etc. Besides, they will have a strong foundation to pursue higher studies like M. Com., CA, CS, CMA etc.

Intake - 90        Duration - 3 Years

Programme Outcomes

PO 1:
Understand the role of business and commerce and their implication on society.

PO 2:
Acquire knowledge of various disciplines of commerce, business accounting, economics and management.

PO 3:
Develop entrepreneurial skills among students and they can independently start up their own business.

PO 4:
Acquire strong career foundation and pursue further studies such as M. Com, MBA, CA, CS, CMA etc.

PO 5:
Acquire entrepreneurial, legal and managerial skills with practical exposure to present-day challenges in commerce and business through various co-curricular activities.

PO 6:
Recognize different value systems and ethics, understand the moral dimensions and accept responsibility

PO 7:
Develop right attitude to take up challenging research projects in the field of finance and commerce and imbibe the life-long learning spirit.

Programme Specific Outcomes

After the successful completion of the programme the graduates will be able to

PSO 1:
Prepare financial statements of business using accounting principles, concepts, conventions and provisions

PSO 2:
Develop skills to equip themselves as successful entrepreneurs

PSO 3:
Develop an in-depth knowledge on GST and provisions of income tax and to familiarize the students with recent amendments in tax systems