B.Com. Travel and Tourism

B.Com. Travel and Tourism is an undergraduate programme which spreads over six semesters in three years. Having a strong foundation in Commerce, this programme specializes in the travel, tourism, and the hospitality industry. It has got increasing importance in India and abroad with high demand for high-quality graduates in customer related service sector. With a pioneering and industry-driven curriculum, this programme equips students with the analytical, strategic and policy-making skills required for sustainable tourism management within both commercial business enterprises and the public sector tourism industry.

Intake - 40        Duration - 3 Years

Programme Outcomes

PO 1:
Acquire professional and academic knowledge to adapt to the requirements of the changing travel, tourism and hospitality industry.

PO 2:
Acquire knowledge of various disciplines of commerce, business accounting, economics and management.

PO 3:
Develop entrepreneurial skills among students and they can independently start up their own business.

PO 4:
Develop professional competence to pursue higher studies with life-long learning attitude for continuous growth and development.

PO 5:
Acquire entrepreneurial, legal and managerial skills with practical exposure to modern-day challenges in commerce and business through various co-curricular activities.

PO 6:
Recognize different value systems and ethics, understand the moral dimensions and accept responsibility

PO 7:
Apply the global, ethical, societal, ecological and commercial standards as is expected of practicing accounting/ management professionals and to adapt to a rapidly changing hospitality and tourism industrial environment

Programme Specific Outcomes

After the successful completion of the programme the graduates will be able to

PSO 1:
Develop socially responsible and value-driven citizens, committed to sustainable development.

PSO 2:
Become competent and competitive in order to be assured of good careers and job placements.

PSO 3:
Develop the skills of students to equip themselves as successful entrepreneurs .